By Claude Peck

In a large-cast ballet such as "Moulin Rouge," which had its world premiere at Northrop Auditorium Saturday night, many performers spend a lot of time standing in the background, watching as others dance. It's a thankless task, but not everyone can be a dancing diva.

Here are the top 10 things the supernumeraries do while gathered in the background:

1) Indicate things by pointing at them.
2) Chat amongst themselves, but silently.
3) Twitter to indicate that something funny is happening.
4) Clutch themselves in horror.
5) Raise a glass in a merry toast.
6) Gaze in wide-eyed disbelief.
7) Stride about purposefully (and with perfect turnout).
8) Beam with admiration and wonderment  (when they are actually wondering why they are not up there in the spotlight).
9) Hang up some laundry, or wash a glass, or place hand on hip.
10) Indicate some more things by pointing at them.

Go here to read the Star Tribune review of the show.


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