First-place in the food competitions at the Minnesota State Fair.


Bread, white: Valalee Weber, St. Paul

Bread, herb: Mary Johnson, Apple Valley

Bread, whole wheat: Jay Schufman, Little Falls

Bread, pumpernickel: Elaine Janas, Columbia Heights

Bread, raisin: Mary Johnson, Apple Valley

Dinner rolls, whole grain: Holly Wolff, Minnetonka Beach

Bread, whole grain: David Venne, Burnsville

Bread, not otherwise specified: Daniel Olson, St. Michael

Dinner rolls: Ronald Menough, Hanover

Sweepstakes: Mary Johnson, Apple Valley

Red Star Yeast Gift (white bread winner): Valalee Weber, St. Paul

Red Star Yeast Cutting Board (sweepstakes winner): Mary Johnson, Apple Valley


Coffee cake: Elaine Janas, Columbia Heights

Sweet rolls, plain: Sue Smart, Apple Valley

Sweet rolls, with fruit or nuts, unfrosted: Elaine Janas, Columbia Heights

Coffee ring: Kathleen Rehnberg, Maplewood

Sweet bread, not otherwise specified: Elaine Janas, Columbia Heights

Sweepstakes: Elaine Janas, Columbia Heights

Red Star Yeast Apron (sweepstakes winner): Elaine Janas, Columbia Heights

American Swedish Institute Best Coffee Cake: Elaine Janas, Columbia Heights


Banana bread, nuts, no other fruit: Jacque Mihm, Lakeville

Other fruit bread, may use nuts: Karen Ubel, St.Paul

Low-fat banana bread: Katherine Kove, Minneapolis

Nut bread, with no fruit: Sonia Jacobsen, Roseville

Coffee cake: Elaine Janas, Columbia Heights

Vegetable bread: Gloria Tarasar, Minneapolis

Muffins, bran: Michelle Smith, St. Michael

Muffins, containing fruit: Lori Pringle, Hugo

Muffins, poppyseed: Lois Thielen, Grey Eagle

Muffins, oatmeal: Sonia Jacobsen, Roseville

Muffins, containing vegetable: Christopher Lethgo, Cottage Grove

Bundt-type coffee cake: Sonia Jacobsen, Roseville

Scones: Valalee Weber, St. Paul

Sweepstakes: Elaine Janas, Columbia Heights


Angel food, white: Paula Winfield, Fridley

Chiffon: Rosemarie Green, North Branch

Chocolate chiffon: Valalee Weber, St. Paul

Sponge: Elaine Janas, Columbia Heights

Jelly roll, with jelly filling only: Elaine Janas, Columbia Heights

Sweepstakes: Valalee Weber, St. Paul


White, with egg whites: Renee Janas-Johnson, Brooklyn Park

Flavored liqueur: Dawn Lance, Burnsville

Spice: Renee Janas-Johnson, Brooklyn Park

Chocolate: Renee Janas-Johnson, Brooklyn Park

German chocolate: Elsie Olsen, Eagan

Pound: Candace Freeman, Melrose

Dark bundt: Mary Johnson, Apple Valley

Light bundt: Renee Janas-Johnson, Brooklyn Park

Vegetable or fruit type: Loretta Ratajczyk, Circle Pines

Not otherwise specified: Angela Lessman, Minneapolis

Sweepstakes: Renee Janas-Johnson, Brooklyn Park

Grand Cake Sweepstakes (Best Cake of Fair): Renee Janas-Johnson, Brooklyn Park


Saco Foods' "Bake Your Best Pound Cake": Renee Janas-Johnson, Brooklyn Park

Fleischmann's Yeast "Bake for the Cure" bread: Sharon R. Johnson, Columbia Heights

Fleischmann's Yeast "Bake for the Cure" batter bread: Charlie Johnson Ramsey


Bar, plain, frosted: Karen Cope, Minneapolis

Bar, layered: Karen Cope, Minneapolis

Bar, with nuts, fruit and/or chips: Sarah Wuest, Edina

Brownies, plain, no frosting: Karen Cope, Minneapolis

Chocolate brownies with nuts and/or frosting: Kris Tracy, Lake Elmo

Cookies, light, rolled flat, no frosting: Julie Beckman, Plymouth

Cookies, dark, rolled flat, no frosting: Renee Janas-Johnson, Brooklyn Park

Cookies, meringue type: Maiken Givot, St. Paul

Cookies, ice box: Karen Cope, Minneapolis

Cookies, ball-type, not flattened before baking: Jeanne Estrem, Nerstrand

Cookies, light, drop: Barb Timm, Lakeville

Cookies, chocolate chip: Kathleen James, White Bear Lake

Cookies, chocolate chip with oatmeal: Mabel Schmalz, Buffalo Lake

Cookies, chocolate drop: Mabel Schmalz, Buffalo Lake

Cookies, peanut butter: Hanaa Jensen, Savage

Cookies, filled: Hanaa Jensen, Savage

Cookies, light ball-type, flattened before baking: Renee Janas-Johnson, Brooklyn Park

Cookies, dark, ball-type, flattened before baking: Karen Cope, Minneapolis

Cookies, oatmeal, no fruit, nuts, chips or icing: Lola Nebel, Cambridge

Sweepstakes: Lola Nebel, Cambridge


Gluten-free quick bread or muffins: Allison Holbrook, Woodbury

Gluten-free crackers, pretzels or snacks: Peter Church, Minneapolis

Gluten-free cookies or bars: Katherine Kendrick, Plymouth

C & H Sugar Cake Decorating Contest: Susan Corr, Jordan

C & H Sugar Special Award: Karen Cope, Minneapolis

Guilt-Less Cheesecake Contest: Marla Hyatt, St. Paul

Pillsbury Refrigerated Pie Crust Championship: Lola Nebel, Cambridge

King Arthur Flour Great Cake Contest: Renee Janas-Johnson, Brooklyn Park


Apple: Susan Nickle, Edina

Lemon meringue: Lola Nebel, Cambridge

Peach: Elaine Janas, Columbia Heights

Sweepstakes: Elaine Janas, Columbia Heights

Braham Pie Day Award (sweepstakes winner): Elaine Janas, Columbia Heights

American Pie Council Award (sweepstakes winner): Elaine Janas, Columbia Heights

Peterson Memorial Award: Susan Nickle, Edina


Cookies: Nancy Burgeson Bloomington

Bread: Mary Miller, New Prague

Baking, crisp bread or crackers: Karen Cope, Minneapolis

Cake: Peggy Carroll, Eden Prairie

Not otherwise specified: Elaine Janas, Columbia Heights

Sweepstakes: Elaine Janas, Columbia Heights

Ingebretsen's Scandinavian Gifts Ethnic Baking: Peggy Carroll, Eden Prairie

Catherine Hanley Ethnic Baking Sweepstakes Award: Elaine Janas, Columbia Heights

Make It With Malt-O-Meal: Danielle Gordanier, St. Paul

Hidden Valley Ranch Fresh Taste 4 Family: Maureen Mullaley, Lake Elmo

Lindsay Olive Lovers Salad Challenge: Joan Cannon, Hugo

C&H Sugar Special Award: Tie with Daniel Scheff, Harris, and Thomas Olson, Mora


Linda J. Amendt Award: Karen Lawrence, North Branch

Ball Bring Out Your Best Adult Food Preservation: Four-way tie with Arlene Larson, Minneapolis; Jean Peno, Rush City; Cheryl Dwyer, Shoreview; Lori Hasselfeldt, New Hope

Ball "Bring Out Your Best" Youth Food Preservation: Jane Anderson, Minnetonka


Applesauce: Daniel Scheff, Harris

Fruit, unsweetened: Jean Peno, Rush City

Not otherwise specified: Arlene Larson, Minneapolis


Apple: Karen Lawrence, North Branch

Blackberry: Karen Lawrence, North Branch

Chokecherry: Tamara Meyer, Champlin

Crab apple: Rhonda Olson, Mora

Currant: Rhonda Olson, Mora

Grape: Carl Hornfeldt, Woodbury

Herb, other than mint: Colette Illarde, Minneapolis

Mint: Alya Shafik, Forest Lake

Pepper: Kimberly Dolinich, Champlin

Plum: Alice Pickering, Cedar

Red raspberry: Dori Viger, Fridley

Strawberry: Barb Bartholomew, Lino Lakes

Wild fruit: Karen Lawrence, North Branch

Fresh fruit combination: David Anderson, Minnetonka

Not otherwise specified: Valerie Stokes, White Bear Lake

Youth entry: Jane Anderson, Minnetonka


Apricot: Lori Hasselfeldt, New Hope

Black raspberry: Krisandrea Ballas, St. Paul

Blackberry: Beverly Stroschein, St. Paul

Blueberry: Erin McCleary, Minneapolis

Cherry: Michael Ebbert, Edina

Orange marmalade: Gary Johnson, Columbia Heights

Nectarine: Mary Gorham, Minnetonka

Peach: Erin McCleary, Minneapolis

Pear: Lori Hasselfeldt, New Hope

Plum: Carol Gritzmaker, Lake Elmo

Red raspberry: Mary Johnson, Apple Valley

Rhubarb: Mary Gorham, Minnetonka

Strawberry: Michael Ebbert, Edina

Wild fruits: Gary Johnson, Columbia Heights

Rhubarb with other fruit: Thomas Olson, Mora

Not otherwise specified: Daniel O'Neil, Lake Elmo

Youth entry: Jimmy Kripotos, New Brighton


Apple: Tamara Meyer, Champlin

Butter, not otherwise specified: Daniel Bardwell, Ham Lake


Beet: Kerry Kelzenberg, Bloomington

Bean: Meg Nordlie, Bloomington

Bread-and-butter, sweet: Barbara Schaller, Burnsville

Cucumber, sweet: Meg Nordlie, Bloomington

Dill, no garlic, vegetable or spice: Shirley Petersen, Minneapolis

Dill, with garlic but no other vegetable: Mabel Cubus, Sunfish Lake

Dill, with other vegetable: Janie Bardwell, Ham Lake

Peppers, sweet: Mary Woell, Minneapolis

Peppers, hot: Toni Dembski-Brandl, Eagan

Watermelon, sweet: Barbara Schaller, Burnsville

Not otherwise specified: Gwendolyn Swenson, North Branch

Display of flavored vinegars: Deborah Otten, Edina

Display of herbed vinegars: Lori Hasselfeldt, New Hope

Gedney Best Dill Cucumber Pickle, Balsamic vinegar: Shirley Wohlrabe, Plymouth

Gedney Best Hot Dill Cucumber Pickle: Shirley Wohlrabe, Plymouth

Gedney Best Dill Cucumber Pickle, European flavor: Cheryl Dwyer, Shoreview

Gedney Best Dill Cucumber Pickle, Asian flavor: Nathan Schrupp, Young America


Barbecue sauce: Sonia Jacobsen, Roseville

Chutney, fruit: Michelle Jost, St. Paul

Chili sauce: Nancy Burgeson, Bloomington

Corn relish: Jack Hodnett, Edina

Cucumber: Glendel Huneyctt, Minneapolis

Pepper: Roy Berrum, Crystal

Picante or salsa, mild: Richard McCaughtry Sr., New Hope

Picante or salsa, hot: Leon Doherty, Burnsville

Spaghetti sauce, no meat: Lynda Decker, South St. Paul

Zucchini: Elaine Larson, Maple Plain

Not otherwise specified: Toni Dembski-Brandl, Eagan


Beans, green string: James Misenor, St. Paul

Sweet corn: Daniel Scheff, Harris

Tomatoes: Barbara Dunn, Woodbury

Tomatoes with onions, green peppers and celery: Martha De Haven, Hugo

Tomato juice: Martha De Haven, Hugo

Not otherwise specified: Jean Peno, Rush City


Dried fruit: Maureen Brennan, Minneapolis

Dried vegetable: Martha De Haven, Hugo


Light amber: Riley Sugarbush, Eden Prairie

Medium amber: David Rogotzke, Duluth

Dark amber: Herb Wills, Lutzen

Fruit: Maureen Brennan, Minneapolis

Minnesota Maple Syrup Producers Award: Riley Sugarbush, Eden Prairie

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