Brett Favre has attempted to retire twice before only to decide that he really wan't done.

The quarterback said there won't be a repeat performance after this season. Favre has said his 20th season will be his last in the NFL and he reiterated that point again on Wednesday when asked if he was having any second thoughts.

"I'm done, I'm done," said Favre, whose voice remained hoarse from a bug he is battling.

Asked if he should be believed this time, Favre said: "I remember the same question, the first part of the year, everyone said, 'Well, ....' I said, 'Time will tell,' but like I said, I'm done. I'd love to, as I said when I came back I'm here to win a Super Bowl, we had big expecations, it hasn't gone the way we hoped up to this point, but again, my career speaks for itself. I think it's been a great career. I don't know how the remaining games will unfold but that's it."

So how does Favre mentality get right with accepting the fact he's done? "I wasn't expecting that question," Favre said. "It's kind of deep. I don't know. I know when I look back and maybe it's next year, people say, 'Will you watch games?' I'm sure I'll watch some. But for me everything that I could possibly accomplish I've accomplished. Which is amazing. You set goals, we all set goals. There were some I didn't even set that I reached. I was fortunate enough to be on a team that won the Super Bowl. That was a long time ago so there's nothing left to prove or from a goal standpoint to accomplish."

Favre, asked about an ESPN report that the NFL is close to wrapping up its investigation into whether he violated workplace conduct policies during his time with the Jets by allegedly sending inappropriate text messages and photos to former Jets employee Jenn Sterger, said he has heard nothing from the league and hasn't been summoned for any type of meeting with commissioner Roger Goodell.

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