As a kindergarten-age gymnast, Eden Prairie senior Christine Easton was a superball of energy, bouncing around the gym at a frenetic pace.

Her boundless spirit earned her the nickname "Giz," short for Gizmo, a character in the 1984 movie "Gremlins."

Easton left gymnastics after sixth grade, moving to team sports such as soccer and lacrosse, which has become her passion. The nickname came along, too.

"Most people don't know my real name," she said. "Everyone knows me as 'Giz.'"

Her nonstop motor has made her one of the most feared scorers in girls' lacrosse and earned her a scholarship to Ohio State.

Staff writer Jim Paulsen talked to Easton about her love for lacrosse and what sets her apart.

Q Why lacrosse?

A It's fast and you never know what's going to happen. I love the team aspect, too.

Q How long have you been playing?

A I started in fifth grade. Someone suggested I go to a clinic and I loved it. I decided right then I wanted to get more involved. I came home and told my mom that she had to sign me up so I could play more.

Q What do you remember about playing when you were younger?

A In fifth, sixth and seventh grade, I played on the boys' teams.

Q Boys? Wasn't that pretty physical?

A Yes, it was. I stopped playing boys' [lacrosse] after seventh grade. We were playing some eighth-grade teams and they were really physical. My parents thought it was time to switch.

Q Why do you think you've been successful at lacrosse?

A I love to run and I love to pass. It's so fast. It fits perfectly with what I love to do.

Q You scored 78 goals in 17 games last year. What's your secret?

A It's the people around me. I'm lucky to have teammates who can pass and get me the ball. I have to give the credit to them.

Q There must be something about you that gives you that scoring knack, isn't there?

A I've been told I have a quick release. I get the ball out right away. And I aim for the corners. I think those are the two biggest things.

Q What is your best lacrosse memory?

A Winning the state championship as a freshman. It was my first chance to play for a championship. I'll never forget how great that was.

Q For the last five years, it's been Eden Prairie and Blake in the state championship game. Talk about that rivalry.

A It's huge. We respect each other's teams so much. They're a great team and the games are always fun and exciting. Not dirty at all. I don't think there's any bad blood.

Q Blake has won the last two state championships. Do you think about those losses?

A They motivate me a ton. When I'm down or not playing good, I try to remember those times and how terrible I felt and I pick myself up.

Q Why Ohio State?

A I wanted to stay in the Big Ten and be a reasonable distance from home. I visited the campus and I fell in love with it. And it has big-time sports and I love that, too.