People Incorporated recently made a fashion statement -- literally. The nonprofit hosted its second annual Fashion Fighting Stigma runway show with the goal of raising awareness about the connection between homelessness and mental illness.

So they added a catwalk to the cavernous Landmark Center in St. Paul and local fashion producer Richard Moody staged a show with the work of local designers and boutiques.

The fun format included some serious talk about People Incorporated's mission.

"Homelessness isn't just losing your home; there are other losses -- loss of security, independence, dignity and sense of self," said Treana Mungovan, who does mental health diagnostics and crisis interventions for People Incorporated's homeless services programs. "Even though there's so much loss, it's really about resilience. The people we work with are really hopefully and that's why it's such an honor to work with them."

Everyone deserves a reason to strut.

Sara Glassman • 612-673-7177