Plus-minus has been around for a long time in hockey, but it is still an emerging stat in the NBA. There are arguments over its merit, but there is no denying it is VERY easy to calculate: How many points did your team score while you were on the floor vs. how many points did your team allow while you were on the floor. The difference, good or bad, is your plus-minus rating.


On the Timberwolves, J.J. Barea is the leader with a plus-35 rating on the season. Will Conroy is an unfathomable minus-40 despite playing just 20 minutes and 26 seconds this season.

But if you want to talk about truly bad, look no further than ex-Wolves forward Michael Beasley. We saw it in a tweet earlier today, and we confirmed it with a painstaking team-by-team look. He has the worst plus-minus in the NBA.

Perhaps more startling is that Beasley is a minus-141 despite ranking just 108th in the NBA in minutes played this season at 27.5.

He has played 550 minutes for a bad (7-13) Suns team, though they are hardly the worst in the NBA overall. So during every 48 minutes he is on the court, the Suns are giving up about 12 more points than they score.

It probably doesn't help that he's shooting 37.4 percent from the field but has taken more shots (243) than any teammate.

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