When Edina High School students showed up for school today, they were greeted by 3,000 paper cranes placed strategically through the building with messages like "You are Special" and "You Are Loved."

A senior who wishes to remain anonymous made the cranes in a show of support for Edina's graduating class, some of whom are attending class for the last time today.

School officials say the student approached Principal Bruce Locklear earlier this year to discuss the legacy of the Class of 2014. Locklear says the student hoped that legacy would be that every senior leaves high school knowing that they are appreciated.

“I wanted to do this at EHS because Edina is always associated with everyone being a rich kid and not caring about others,” the student wrote in a Tweet. “I knew that if even one person that received a crane was positively influenced, that it all would be worth it…the legacy piece was to make sure each and every student and faculty had a great day.”

The student, who goes by the Twitter handle @theprojectcrane, placed 500 paper cranes at the Mall of America in January.

About 150 hours went into making the paper cranes distributed at Edina High on Friday.

“I knew it would be a lot of work but that it would be worth it. None of my friends knew what was going on, just my family,” the student wrote. “…I believe each person has a purpose and I want everybody to know they are here on this earth for a reason.”