We asked each of the seven members of Doomtree to give us seven words to describe one of the seven nights of their Blowout marathon. The five rappers each took their individually curated 7th Street Entry shows, and the two producers/beatmakers summed up the all-crew gigs in First Avenue's main room.

SUNDAY 12/4: Sims

With Brother Ali, Astronautalis, One Be Lo:  "Michael, Magic, Bird all rolled in one."

MONDAY 12/5: Mike Mictlan

With Toki Wright, Kill the Vultures, Slapping Purses, lots more: "Rappers, rappers, rappers, mega, Cryphy, frreal, ultra."

TUESDAY 12/6: Dessa

With Crescent Moon Is in Big Trouble, Hannibal Buress, I Colossus:  "Taxi, whiskey, mischief, uproar, abandon, communion, taxi."


With Poliça and Marijuana Deathsquads: "Nuke, mist, mega-rumble, insides out, utter destruction (or: total annihilation)."

THURSDAY 12/8: Cecil Otter

And surprise guests: "Rattle, rattle, thunder, clatter, boom, boom, boom."

FRIDAY 12/9: Lazerbeak on main room, night 1

"Bawse, Legendz, lava bangers, stage dives (?), BANGARANG."

SATURDAY 12/10: Paper Tiger on main room, night 2

"Snowy, impressive, real, scattered, proud, melodic, home."



  • The Replacements: Five nights in 7th Street Entry in 1985 ("Tim" album release parties).
  • The Suburbs: Four nights at First Ave in 1993 (captured as the "Live at First Ave" CD).
  • Soul Coughing: Four nights at First Ave in 1997 (at the height of the New York band's local REV-105 fame).
  • The Jayhawks: Three nights at First Ave -- four times (in 1993, 1995, 2003 and 2010).
  • Atmosphere: Eight nights in the Entry in 2003 (seven gigs for the "Se7en" reissue album, plus one extra private night).