On the St. Croix today, after not having one of my best day's the previous day, the winds just rocked the boat at 25 plus mph from the north with some high wind gust. I brought in one legal fish with many short fish that were returned back in the water. I wasn't feeling overly confident about today's trip out with new clients on the river due to the weather forecast calling for south winds at 25 plus mph mixed with thunderstorms. But I will do my best to beat the worst possible winds. South winds. If you know the river there is no hiding from a south wind.  Started out the day with winds at 8 mph out of the south. No rain, clear sky's, smooth water and water temperatures between 64 to 67 degree's. This looks good, but I know the winds are coming. I meet the clients at the dock at 6:30 am. We do a run to the first spot and the fishing is on. We pop 2 fish right away. We move a couple of more times before the wind picks up and hit 3 more fish.  About 8:30 am the winds are now blowing in the mid teens with some serious wind gust.  Now it's time to work for the fish.  We move a few more times and take 2 more fish and lost 2 others right at the boat. Overall this turned into a pretty good day of fishing with 7 legal fish in the boat. Most of the fish caught today were found in 17 to 24 feet of water. I had a great time on the water with some great company.

Thanks again for playinghookymn


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5/15/09 St. Croix River's wind proves to be as big a fight as the fish