A few days before Halloween, scores of University of St. Thomas students crept through Cretin Hall. The hall is St. Thomas' most historic, and it was outfitted for the occasion: "Enter if you dare," a sign read.

Now, some are questioning whether a couple rooms on this year's haunted tour were inappropriate on a Catholic campus, according to the TommieMedia, the student-run news website. One featured an Ouija board. Another featured dead dolls.

The Rev. Erich Rutten, director of Campus Ministry, said:

"It was kind of the occult. Some might say, ‘oh, it’s just a joke it’s just for fun,’ but I mean as Catholics we take the spiritual life very seriously, and we believe there are good spirits and bad spirits … but we prefer not to glorify the occult.”

A couple students requested that Rutten bless the hall after the event, he said, "just to kind of reestablish that sense of a place of goodness."

Read more from TommieMedia here. Then let me know what you think.