You'd think the Crime Museum in Washington, D.C. could fill its five galleries with items from the capital city itself: infamous tape recorders, anthrax letters and the like. But, no. In its efforts to focus on the history of crime in America, it examines the dark side of even really nice places, like Minnesota. Case in point: The museum features several artifacts related to the Dillinger gang, including a photograph of gang member Homer Van Meter on the coroner's table. The depression-era bank robber had been shot been by four police officers in St. Paul. The museum also features original parts from John Dillinger's 1933 Essex Terraplane Automobile, including original hub caps, a tail light, vanity mirror, small fragments of vinyl top, and one-page from the original “owners manual.” The museum is at 575 7th Street in downtown D.C. (1-202-621-5567).