With colleges increasingly turning to the Internet to evaluate applicants, a little common sense prevents social media mishaps from hurting chances for admission. As Jeff Olson of Kaplan Test Prep put it: "Think first, tweet later."

Here are a few more tips for students who want to spruce up their digital footprints:

• Do an online search of your name and hometown. Take steps to fix anything unflattering that pops up. Some sites, including Facebook, allow you to prevent your profile from showing up in search engine queries.

• Pay attention to privacy settings and keep your audience in mind when deciding how much access to give different lists of Facebook friends. Consider "protecting" your Twitter account so only your approved followers can see it.

• Keep pictures appropriate, especially profile photos that may show up in searches. Use the Facebook feature that allows you to approve "tags" to keep unflattering pictures off your profile.

• Have a conversation with friends and agree on what is OK to share. Consider limiting access to your social media networks to those you trust to make good decisions.

Source: Kaplan Test Prep