When creative husband-and-wife team Frank and Christina Lyon launched a design studio this past year, they named it Ouecha (pronounced way-cha) — a word they made up to describe the philosophy behind their wearable art.

Loosely translated, it means to take the long view of life’s frustrations — or, as Frank puts it, “Ouecha is the idea that you could be upset that you missed your flight — or you could be grateful that you had a flight to miss in the first place.”

Their designs take this lofty ideal and turn it into tangible (and beautiful) art. One of their designs — a canvas summer dress hand-painted in red half-squares — emanates patience. Another, a brightly colored long-sleeve shirt, radiates rhythmic calm.

For those who don’t wax philosophical when getting dressed in the morning, the Lyons have you covered. “We like writing about our designs extensively on our tags,” says Christina. “A shirt may just be a shirt to some, but it can also be more if you offer it in a conceptual nest.”

The couple are inspired by music, philosophy, film and architecture. Sometimes their ideas come from the clothing itself. “Sometimes you see something that you like and realize that you could love it if you just tuned it a bit,” she says.

Natural fibers are used in the bulk of their work, and sustainability is a core value in their production process. The construction of the clothes is local.

If you want to get dressed for the day with more patience, perspective and gratitude, you can find Ouecha designs at Estrella Apothecary & Spa in Minneapolis and at ouecha.com.