COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A woman who lost her home in Colorado's most destructive wildfire was arrested on a warrant for a traffic violation as she sifted through the charred remains of her uninsured trailer.

Marsha McCormack, 59, was arrested June 21 after a license plate reader tipped authorities that she was wanted on a bench warrant for failing to appear in court.

McCormack, whose home was burned in the Black Forest Fire, told the Colorado Springs Gazette ( ) she was taken by squad car to the county jail only to be taken to a hospital later because of chest pains. She was then returned to the jail for processing and finally released to her neighbors, who paid $446 to cover bail and a court fee.

The whole process took about nine hours, said McCormack, who is staying in a borrowed motor home outside the house of a fellow church member.

Lt. Jeff Kramer, a spokesman for the El Paso County Sheriff's Office, said deputies were following standard procedure when they arrested McCormack.

"It was a misdemeanor warrant," he said. "She was handcuffed because she was arrested and being transported to jail in a police car."

McCormack said the ticket stemmed from a traffic stop in California many years ago when police found she didn't have insurance and suspended her license. Sometime within the last year, she was stopped in Colorado for running a stop sign and was issued a summons for not having a license. She said she missed the court date because she had to go to California to deal with a family emergency.

McCormack's home was one of more than 500 that were destroyed in the Black Forest Fire earlier this month.