The original trailer was probably two minutes long and featured lots of people talking, so you can't expect anyone to sit through that. We're in luck: someone recut the trailer to make it look like the hyperkinetic 2010 version. As much as I want to see Burgess Meredith growl "Release the Kracken," coming from him it would sound like a demand for chiropractic treatment. Anyway:


Remaking trailers is a new art form, by the way. Makes you realize that the trailer itself is a form of storytelling, with its own styles and cliches. We all know what's missing from the trailer above, don't we? Something that wooshes right at you after the music has died down and the title's faded away. Usually there's a whooshing thing between the title and SUMMER 2010. Sometimes it's a house or a mountain; with "Twister" I believe it was a cow.