The cost of a Gophers football player

$199,826: That's the cost of putting Gophers fullback Mike Henry -- or any other player -- on the field This is based on football spending per scholarship at the U.

Here's how it breaks down:


$30,944: Assistant coaches salaries and benefits* (Includes salaries, clothing allowance, radio and TV income, etc.)

$22,556: Head coach salary and benefits** (Includes salary, clothing allowance, radio and TV income, etc.)

$19,982: Game expenses
(Includes gameday expenses, officials, security)

$12,402: Support staff, administrative salaries, benefits and bonuses (Includes secretary, trainers etc.)

$8,393: Team travel (Includes lodging, meals, air and ground travel)


$6,510: Equipment, uniforms and supplies

$4,101: Recruiting (Includes telephone charges, use of school car/plane)


*-not all costs are displayed

**-denotes expense paid by school and related entities


Sources: Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics, University of Minnesota, fiscal year 2011