Aware of the pitfalls, the city of Burnsville is launching a sort of stimulus program for its own businesses.

To support Burnsville-based enterprises, City Hall is signaling an eagerness to buy from within its own borders.

But the announcement comes with some caveats, lest folks start complaining:

• Officials stress that they do some purchases via state and federal contracts, saving lots of money, and that they will keep doing that.

• Nor, they add, will they stop considering price, service level or quality. It won’t be a case of “Burnsville at any price.”

• Joining the vendor list, in short, doesn’t guarantee any checks will ever be cut.

Still, businesses wanting goods or services considered can visit and complete the “Burnsville-Based Vendor Application” at the bottom of the page.

The application explains, among other things, what it is the city most often buys.