Want to get teenagers interested in going to church? There’s an ad for that.

Actually, several ads.

A group of students at Benilde-St. Margaret in St. Louis Park recently embarked on a unique project, creating an  array of different ads geared toward getting teenagers in the pews, The Catholic Spirit reports.



Trying to get younger followers interested in being more involved in organized religion remains a key goal for a number of faith groups as their membership numbers have stagnated or dwindled in recent decades.

“Getting the message out in an enticing way and conveying the deeper meaning of the Eucharist proved to be a challenge. The students had to integrate what they learned over the course of the semester into the ad campaign," The Catholic Spirit reports.

“'They realized that it is difficult to contain a real message while still being appealing and catchy,'” said Alison Frank, one of the teachers who developed the project.

“In all, about 50 groups worked to create a print, radio and TV ad. The students in the group that produced the best ad in each category were able to skip the final exam for the semester.”

To check out the winning ads and others, go to www.thecatholicspirit.com.