The website's name requires one of those SFW acronyms, lest you think that viewing anything described as "porn" is a one-way ticket to the Human Resources boo-boo room.


Of course, viewing Free Cabin Porn ( at work may be a one-way ticket to missing another deadline due to unchecked daydreaming. Among the many rabbit holes of the Internet, this one is a long tumble.

The site is a Tumblr blog featuring page upon page -- 24 and counting -- of cabins from around the world. The range is astonishing, and sometimes amusing. There are the jaw-droppers perched on precipices or tucked against waterfalls. There also are the shacks. Each of them exudes a sense of potential achieved or potential yet to come. 

Don't look for mansions snarkily described as cabins. These really are smaller scaled retreats, escapes, second homes, primary homes. Many are marvels of efficiency, spareness, simplicity, self-sufficiency. Mixed amid the affordable are the aspirational.

The blog was created about three years ago by Jace Cooke and Zach Klein, the guy behind Vimeo, an online video-sharing service. He's been quoted as saying he envisioned the blog as “inspiration for your quiet place somewhere.” 

Viewers are encouraged to post their own photos of cabins, but only photos. This truly is a site where pictures are meant to take the place of thousands of words. Gazing at image after image after image really can take you out of your humdrum present. The absence of words helps you forget that these are someone else's cabins. They could be yours.

Maybe you're looking for ideas for your existing cabin. Maybe you're contemplating your first. Maybe you're OK with, or resigned to, just dreaming. (Remember: dreaming is tax-free.)

In any case, just as gardeners rev up their exterior dreams nowaways thanks to the flood of seeds catalogs, Free Cabin Porn gives those of a more interior ilk their own excuse for faraway looks.

Consider the site SFD - suitable for dreaming.