The upcoming Joe Mauer-Maddie Bisanz marriage won't be any 72-day travesty, according to a Cretin-Derham Hall classmate who graduated with them in 2001.

"This is a marriage meant to be," said Kevin Block, who told me Tuesday that he was in the same homeroom as Bisanz. Block foresees the Twins catcher and the nurse having a marriage that goes the distance.

Asked if he ever noticed any fireworks between Mauer and Bisanz in high school, Block said: "They were going out a little bit in high school. Then they kind of took a break when Mauer got drafted, and now he's proposed to her.

"She's a really nice person. Nice gal. Kind, sweet. They make a good couple."

Block said he works as a pharmacy technician, preparing IVs, at the same hospital where Bisanz (pictured) is employed. It's a big hospital and he only remembers running into the future Mrs. Mauer once there.

He also saw her at their "10-year reunion this last summer. [Mauer] had a baseball game."

Block wrote a glowing guest blog about Mauer for after its editor learned Kevin went to high school with Joe.

In the blog, in which he wrote about what a nice guy Mauer is, Block "mentioned Maddie in September," editor Christina Ries told me Tuesday.

Little did Block or Ries realize in September that Mauer was about to call Bisanz up to the bigs. Congrats.

Joe's biggest fan approves

Former KSTP-TV anchor Rebekah Wood was mighty ticked to hear Joe Mauer had popped the question in Florida, about an hour from where she now lives. Mauer proposed to Maddie Bisanz in Sanibel, Fla.

As soon as the engagement news broke, Wood's cellphone blew up, as they say.

"How dare he come to my territory and rub it in my face! I'm actually in mourning, but, whatever," said Wood. "Don't tell me her name, because as long I don't know her name or see her picture, she's not going to be real to me."

It's a joke, Maddie. Wood is a married mother of two, but she was easily Joe's biggest and most unabashed fan in the Twin Cities media.

"He's such a good guy," Wood said. "I think this is a testament to [his being down-to-earth] that he didn't try to find a Hollywood type. They met in high school. I think that's sweet."

Kris: Go on the offensive

Since Kris Humphries' recent "Good Morning America" appearance, three media coaches have asked if I knew whether the NBAer had ever spent any time with a coach of their kind.

His catatonic, shellshocked performance on GMA has been savaged and parodied in the national media. There apparently is not much appreciation for Humphries' mild-mannered, deliberative, contemplative style, which is not much different from that of another Minnesota-born athlete -- Joe Mauer.

It would have been natural for Humphries to be nervous about Josh Elliott's line of questioning on GMA in light of the Halloween divorce filing by Kim Kardashian, Humphries' 72-Day Wife. Humphries has replied to her divorce papers with his own request for an annulment, citing "fraud."

Psst, Kris: While you probably are hoping never to do another interview that's not about sports, I think you need to do one that restores your confidence. Go on "The Wendy Williams Show."

I know, I know. She doesn't like you. She calls you Dumbfrees. Bet she wouldn't do that to your face, though! And sometimes you have to face your fears, man.

Besides, Wendy's not that smart. You can spar with her. Tell her there are questions that will only be answered in legal documents and depositions. Pretend she's Khloe Kardashian. Heck, pretend Wendy's me! I seem to remember you giving me attitude and sarcasm when we met long ago at Market Bar-B-Que.

You have a personality. Show it!

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