A Los Angeles woman who is suing Kris Humphries for allegedly giving her an STD in 2010 doesn't appear to know precisely who gave her the contagious disease.

Beyond that strange fact, there is Humphries' denial -- through his Minneapolis attorney Lee Hutton III -- that the NBA player has herpes. Kayla Goldberg makes that claim in a lawsuit filed last week in L.A.

Humphries is the only named defendant in Goldberg's lawsuit, which also names as defendants "John Does 1-4." That's right, the line that identifies the defendants reads: "Kris Humphries, an individual, and John Does 1-4, individuals."

Additionally embarrassing for Goldberg, who is understandably experiencing "embarrassment, shame, anxiety and revulsion at having contracted herpes from the defendants," according to the lawsuit.

The suit also states: "Each of the defendants willfully exposed himself and his contagious disease to [Goldberg] by engaging in sexual intercourse with her more than once, and Humphries did so for some of the time without a condom."

Hutton said there's absolutely no way that his client could have given Goldberg herpes. "Kris does not have it [herpes]. We will be fighting this aggressively. We invited counsel to personally review [Humphries' medical] records but they instead requested $24 million to settle.

"This is something that is so outrageous, so grotesque. You can't go around saying somebody has herpes without really investigating. It's malicious; it's fraudulent," said Hutton.

"We will be suing. We're not even going to counter-sue. It's ironic that they knew she had herpes ever since 2010 and it's just now coming out now," noted Hutton, who confirmed that Humphries "had a one-night stand" with Goldberg.

This night occurred several months before Humphries' whirlwind romance with Kim Kardashian, with whom he is in a protracted legal dispute over the dissolution of the infamous 72-day marriage that followed an elaborate Aug. 20, 2011, made-for-reality-TV ceremony.

Goldberg's lawsuit provides her take on how Humphries makes his move on the ladies.

That lawsuit states that on Aug. 31, 2010, Goldberg and Humphries met at West Hollywood's Newsroom Cafe. They were having lunch "separately with their own acquaintances" when they began "talking, flirting, and getting to know one another," reads the court papers. "Humphries presented himself to [Goldberg] as a trustworthy, safe and charming person while they were getting to know one another while dining."

They exchanged phone numbers and made plans to meet each other later that night at a nightclub, Trousdale. While at the nightclub, Goldberg tried to get Humphries to talk to another woman but Humphries told Goldberg she was "cuter" and continued to show an interest, which culminated in him paying her nightclub tab and ultimately an invitation back to his room at the Thompson Beverly Hills. They drove to the hotel in her car, according to the lawsuit. At the hotel they "talked and shared intimate experiences and continued to get to know each other by sharing many jokes, laughs and talking about their families."

According to the lawsuit, Humphries engaged in "frank and open discussions and questions about [Goldberg's] sexual life and history." The suit says Humphries asked her how many sexual partners she had in her past and replied with "That is good enough to marry."

Of course, he's now married. After dropping that hopeful line on the girl, Humphries did not respond when she tried to reach him later on Sept. 1 about their tentative plans, according to the suit. She stopped trying to contact him.

Interesting, the lawsuit does not divulge the number of previous sexual partners in Goldberg's past.

Humphries divorce

TMZ is reporting that the divorce of Kris Humphries' parents is already final just 26 days after the his mom filed against his dad in Carver County.

"TMZ broke the story [that] Debra Humphries filed for divorce from Kris' dad William on Aug. 3," reads TMZ.com. "The divorce settlement agreement had already been signed. A Minnesota judge signed the divorce decree on Aug. 29."

A look at the court file Monday indicates that there was a "judgment" on Aug. 29.

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