According to the best available count, Anders Broman will set a Minnesota high school scoring record if he gets 42 points in Friday night's game against Duluth Denfeld.

The Lakeview Christian Academy scoring ace is averaging 42.2 points per game this season and would be passing the state record set by Kevin Noreen of Minnesota Transitions, a Minneapolis-based charter school. Noreen graduated in 2010 and current plays for West Virginia.


According to the Duluth News-Tribune, because Noreen's point totals "never have been independently certified by the Minnesota State High School League, that mark doesn’t appear in the league’s record book. The MSHSL lists 2008 Ellsworth graduate Cody Schilling’s 3,428 points at No. 1, a total Broman surpassed midway through his junior season."

And there's more...

The News-Tribune reports: "And since point totals accumulated against schools that aren’t members of the MSHSL — Broman played in at least 10 such games as a seventh-, eighth- and ninth-grader — aren’t included either, his official point total will be slightly lower than Lakeview’s total."

So Broman already holds the record even though he doesn't have the highest commonly known point total, which he does have if you include some games that aren't counted in Broman's "official" point tally.

Got that?

Maybe the best news is that Broman, a 6-foot-2 guard, isn't really concerned about the whole deal.

“I want to just go out and play again without everyone always asking about this,” he told the News-Tribune.

More important, he said, is that it would be nice if his team could break its three-game losing streak, which includes losses to metro-area schools Blake, Columbia Heights and Heritage Christian.

One more note: According to the News-Tribune story, MSHSL officials have been unsuccessful in their efforts to obtain documentation of Noreen's record. Lakeview coach Bob Newstrom said: “When I checked with the high school league a while back, when it became apparent that it was possible (Broman could set the record), I asked them about Noreen’s record. They explained they never had been given the documentation and they had requested it several times, and the school hadn’t provided it. It’s like there are two different records — the public one and the official one.”

To read the entire story, which Upload highly recommends, go here.


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