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We asked you for captions about this Jimmy Butler photo. You delivered

Jimmy Butler was fouled and fell into a seat among some Spurs fans during the second half of Wednesday night's season-opening loss at San Antonio.

We're not sure whether hilarity ensued -- and neither are you, unless you're in the photo.

So we asked you to write captions for the photos. The only rule? The caption needed tio begin with the words "Jimmy Butler." Here are some of the best responses to the @StribSports Twitter page:

We liked this tweet even though the author didn't follow the rules.


This tweet didn't offer a caption, but asked a question:

And, finally, this is our favorite.

Go ahead and leave your best caption in the comments section. The only rule: The caption must start with "Jimmy Butler..."

Garnett says Glen Taylor doesn't know (bleep) about basketball

The NBA season started Tuesday night and Kevin Garnett kicked off his season as a Turner Sports commentator by saying that Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor doesn't know anything about basketball.

And he threw in an unbleeped expletive for good measure when asked about the Jimmy Butler situation.

Considering Garnett made a high-profile exit from Minnesota in 2007 and a less-than-successful return in 2015, he was a go-to source for his thoughts on Taylor, who also owns the Star Tribune.

As the blog Awful Announcing reported:

"Garnett appeared on NBA on TNT’s Tip-Off show on Tuesday night to offer some unique insight. As Jimmy Butler attempts to force his way out of Minnesota, Garnett actually has some experience on the matter. He too was a Timberwolves star who decided to leave town in search of better opportunities, so his opinion carries some weight in how Butler is going about it. As expected, Garnett did not mince words."

Here are the unminced words:

Garnett and Taylor have history. Their relationship went bad during Garnett's return to the Wolves in 2015. At one point, it was thought that Garnett would buy a stake in the Wolves along with Taylor. But he told Awful Announcing last year: “I don’t want to be partners with Glen, and I wouldn’t want to be partners with Glen in Minnesota. I would love to be part of a group that buys him out and kind of removes him and go forward.”

There's more on their history in this RandBall blog post from last year, which goes deeper on the roots of Garnett's animosity.

The full Awful Announcing post is here.