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Vikings fans: Know how to behave in Philadelphia, for your own good

We know that some of you are planning to go to Philadelphia for Sunday's NFC Championship game -- and we know that some of you are planning to live vicariously through or be very nervous for those those who are making the trip. It's OK to be a little of both.

One thing is pretty certain. Going to a game in Philadelphia is not like going to a game in Minnesota. That's not a value judgment. Just fact.

For starters, here's the true story of the time Eagles fans booed and hurled snowballs at Santa Claus. It was 50 years ago and took place during a game between the Eagles and ... the Vikings. Backstory: The Eagles started the season 0-11 and, just as fans who dreaming of getting the No. 1 pick, the Eagles won two games to take a 2-11 record into the season finale against Minnesota. The pick went to Buffalo, who took O.J. Simpson. But now we're getting too far from what you really need to know.

In the spirit of understanding Eagles fans a half-century later, we queried a couple of Twin Cities residents with Philadelphia roots about things that Minnesotans should and shouldn't do.

Christine Bonnes of Minneapolis offered up these tips:

1. If you want to wear Vikings gear, get good seats. I’ve found people to be more respectful of opposing fans there.

2. Regardless of where you sit, don’t taunt anyone! Cheer FOR your team, but not against the Eagles.

3. If you get in line for a cheesesteak, know how to order!

4. If Philly fans say they’re cold, don’t be pompous about how much colder it is in Minnesota.

5. In the spirit of good sportsmanship, show up in the parking lot with a case of Yuengling. (And make sure you know how to pronounce it.)

Ordering cheesesteaks? Watch this video on how to order like a native, complete with the difference between "wit" and "witout," sometimes called wid and widout.

We'll leave it to you to learn the proper way to pronounce Yuengling. It's not that hard.

Our other batch of advice comes from Julian Loscalzo, who runs baseball tours during the summer and wouldn't think of bringing a batch of Minnesotans to Philadelphia.

1. Don’t go – Veterans stadium was first facility to have a jail in it!!!

2. Don’t wear Purple unless you are Prince. (Note he is dead & you may get chance to meet him!)

3. Don’t go – You’re lucky that bars don’t open until 11 a.m. on Sunday, but that still leaves seven hours before kickoff!

4. Don’t make eye contact or react if beer or insults thrown at you . But do wear green waterproof clothing.

5. Do wear an NDSU Bisons shirt and say you went to school with Carson Wentz (or your nephew did) BUT don’t cheer for Vikings even if it seems like you have new friends.

6. Don’t go – we wouldn’t!!

Loscalzo also thinks that 99-year-old Millie Wall, who attended her first Vikings game last Sunday and was given Super Bowl tickets by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, is wise to pass up the chances that she was given to travel to the NFC Championship game.

"Sending Millie to Philly? It had potential to rank up there with snowballing Santa," he said.

If you need to know more, here's 13 seconds of advice that reinforces some of what you've just read.

A call of the Keenum-to-Diggs touchdown you probably haven't heard yet

We've pretty much run out of words to describe the Minneapolis Miracle.

There's also a pretty good chance that you haven't run out of interest in seeing and hearing it.

But have you heard the Portuguese-language call?

Props to Adam Patrick (@St8_Cash_Homey) for posting this. (Follow him.)