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Liz Reyer's Corner column, which advises executives, managers and workers on making positive changes, appears Mondays in the Star Tribune's Business Insider section.

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Updated: January 15, 2012, - 03:09 PM

Reyer: Control what you can and buffer yourself from the rest

QI work in an educational setting, where some instructors operate under the "old school" system of "I do what is best for me when it's best for me" rather than focusing on those they serve and pursuing continual improvement. How can I be effective in this environment?

Updated: January 08, 2012, - 06:30 PM

Try solid goal-setting tactics to achieve resolutions

If you make New Year's resolutions, you've likely seen many good intentions fall by the wayside. Setting and achieving goals is a skill that transcends content, and it's fundamental to moving forward. It also can be a challenging skill to acquire, but the steps outlined below can help.

Updated: January 01, 2012, - 10:13 AM


"The Art of Happiness," a book by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Howard C. Cutler, M.D.

Updated: December 25, 2011, - 04:02 PM

Reyer: Many problems dissolve in the face of gratitude

Readers regularly write in with dilemmas they face, and the purpose of this column is to bring a broader perspective to how situations are evaluated in order to achieve the best possible solution. Yet there is another broadly useful tool that can help in any situation: gratitude.

Updated: December 25, 2011, - 03:42 PM


Updated: December 18, 2011, - 04:47 PM

Be ready to make case before you ever ask

QMy company is starting to do some hiring again, and I think it's time for me to ask for a promotion after sticking it out through the tough times. What's the best way to proceed?

Updated: December 18, 2011, - 02:29 PM

Taking credit back to where it's due: You

QI was stunned to find out that someone I work closely with took an idea of mine and passed it off as his own. I'm not sure what to do -- call him on it or let it go?

Updated: December 11, 2011, - 06:22 PM

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