Enough already. Sony will release in November birding binoculars that film video in HD as well as taking 7-megapixel photographs of the bird you're looking at. If you can't identify the bird when you see it, you can look at your photos when you get home. 

This is another case of doing something because it can be done, not because it should be done.

What is termed "birder-friendly features" include magnification up to 20x, electronic as well as manual focus, image stabilization not only for the photos but also for binocular use, optional 3-D shooting, and integrated geotagging (via your GPS unit). All this for from $1,400 to $2,000.

Next up: drone birding binoculars, optics mounted on your very own drone, a machine you guide from the comfort of your couch. It will hover with the hummingbirds and hang with the hawks. It'll have software that IDs the bird for you, sending you a text message or a Twitter or posting to your Facebook account. 

No more wind or rain or sun in your eyes. No more brambles or bugs or wet feet. 

No more near misses. No more hope for another sighting that brings you into the field again. No more losses to flavor the wins. 

No thanks. Give me good basic binoculars and a pair of comfortable shoes. 


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