I noticed the first of the Wild Parsnips in bloom yesterday. Contact with this plant can cause severe irritation, blistering, weeping and sloughing of the skin. The combination of contacting this plant and sunlight can be extremely unpleasant for anglers and outdoor recreators. The reaction is caused by the sun and is called photo-dermatitis. I always wear long sleeve shirts whenever I am out on the streams and this plant is only one of the reasons why. The above photo shows the Wild Parsnip in the foreground and a member of the Genus Angelica(same family) in the background. The Wild Parsnip has yellow flowers on a flattened umbel flower head. The Cow Parsnip will have white blooms, with a similar flower head configuration. LEARN TO RECOGNIZE THE WILD PARSNIP PLANT WITH THE YELLOW FLOWERS,,,,,,,, AND DO YOUR BEST TO STAY CLEAR OF IT.

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