Scammers are taking advantage of the government shutdown by telling consumers across the country that they need to obtain new Medicare cards, collect unpaid taxes or fines.

Agencies across the country are warning consumers to beware. The Better Business Bureau in Florida alerted consumers of a scam where a caller claims to work the the IRS and demands that money be sent by the end of the day or risk being arrested.

"The scammers are taking advantage of the fact than the IRS is currently shut down, so consumers cannot verify the legitimacy of the calls and feel threatened," the BBB said. 

Fox 4 in Kansas City is reporting that residents there are reporting scammers who have sent e-mails tell them that it's imperative to re-enroll in Medicare because of the shutdown. There is a link that prompts people to view enrollment options, but it's a sinwdle, the station reports. 

In Pittsburgh, scammers call saying they are with the FBI. According to local Pittsburgh station WTAE, the caller demands a wire transfer to satisfy the debt.

"The caller also said he couldn't accept a credit card as a form of payment because of the government shut down," the station reported.

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