Best gadget: Aston Martin DB5
The ultimate tricked-out ride. Accessories include rotating license plates, machine guns behind lowering headlights and passenger ejector seat. The dashboard mapping device predicted modern GPS systems, its rotating tire-slashers inspired the craze for spinny hubcaps, and its ability to lay down a trail of oil and smoke predated the Yugo by 20 years.

Worst: Crocodile mini-submarine
Plenty of competition here. There’s the missile-
firing boombox from “The Living Daylights” (“a ghetto blaster,” Q explains). The invisible car from “Die Another Day.” The gondola/hovercraft  in “Moonraker” that elicits a double-take from a nearby pigeon. But nothing tops the croco-boat Bond uses to infiltrate Kamal Khan’s palace in “Octopussy.” Because if you want to escape notice, the best way is to motor up in an inert reptile.