Find refreshment in a glass at TeaSource, where four iced teas are brewed fresh daily: classic black, green tea with mango, Red Berries (a tart, ruby red and caffeine-free herbal blend) and TeaSource Gold (black tea with elderberry and passionfruit accents). Owner Bill Waddington also keeps a wild card up his (hopefully, short) sleeve. It could be Strawberry Rooibos (an herbal with strawberry and raspberry notes), or maybe Minnesota N'ice, a mix of black and jasmine green tea with lemon grass and rose petals. Aaaaahhhh. 561 Prairie Center Dr., Eden Prairie; 952-767-3648. 752 Cleveland Av. S., St. Paul; 651-690-9822; 2908 Pentagon Dr. NE., St. Anthony, 612-788-4842,