Rep. Michele Bachmann's first television ad of 2010 campaign offers a mere preview of what looks to be a full-fledged offensive against DFL challenger Tarryl Clark.

The spot's main focus is Clark's record on taxes in the Legislature, which has also been a focal point of past Republican jabs.

It is hosted by "Jim the Election Guy," who says he will be "around to sort things out during this upcoming political campaign."

"She’s got a huge record for us to check out. I’m just getting started, but one thing’s obvious. Tarryl Clark loves taxes," Jim says, as a large banner reading "Tarryl Clark ♥ Taxes" floats upward on the screen. "She supported raising them every year she’s been in office."

The ad is the first in a series, though the date of the next installment and the size of the buy have not yet been made public.

"Clark has the same addiction to spending as Nancy Pelosi and Clark has never found the government to be big enough or intrusive enough," Bachmann political advisor Andy Parish said in a statement.

With a war chest that is likely still over $2 million, expect Bachmann to flood the airwaves in the coming weeks.

UPDATE: Clark's camp issued a statement in response that targets Bachmann's votes against several tax lowering measures (largely in the form of tax credits), as well as PAYGO rules. It also notes that Clark has authored or voted for legislation that, among other things, lowered taxes through tax credits and exemptions.

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