Buzz Bissinger, the author (Friday Night Lights and Three Days in August) and former Twin Cities journalist, writes that the death of ex-Wild and New York Rangers hockey player Derek Boogaard was "beyond derelict."

In a commentary for The Daily Beast, Bissinger says: "I find what happened to him just as horrific as the New Orleans Saints’ Bountygate program in the National Football League, as disturbing as the likelihood of pro football players acquiring chronic traumatic encephalopathy once their playing days are over because of repeated concussions."

His piece came in the aftermath of the detailed report by New York Times reporter John Branch, who laid out the details of Boogaard's user of painkillers that were prescribed by team officials for both teams.

"Derek was an addict," Len Boogaard told Branch. "But why was he an addict? Everyone said he had 'off-ice' issues. No, it was hockey."

To this point, the NHL, Wild and Rangers have not addressed the specifics of the issues raised in Branch's report.

Bissinger writes: "In brief statements to The Times, both the Wild and the Rangers said Boogaard had been medically treated in a responsible and professional manner. Which may be the most horrible element of all."

You can read Bissinger's entire piece here.



Which may be the most horrible element o

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