To mark today’s release of the eighth Atmosphere album, Slug and Ant are playing a sold-out show at the Highline Ballroom in New York before heading to another at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles on Wednesday. That leaves hometown fans with little else to mark the occasion besides picking up the record and viewing the new music video they dropped today via the hip-hop blog Mass Appeal for “Camera Thief,” the opening track on “Southsiders.”

The eerie black and white clips (posted below) find the Minneapolis hip-hop vets dropped somewhere in the middle of the desert amid old airplane carcasses. Both the song and the video – which ends with the boys coming up to a street sign that simply says “end” – hints at the themes on “Southsiders,” an album that contemplates death more than your average thrash-metal record. Despite the video’s dark tinge and lyrics pointing to regret, the song also boasts some rather bright and almost-content-sounding lines from Slug, including, “I still kick it with angels / The difference is that instead of the bar, I'm at my kitchen table.”

“Everything has a ‘south side,’” Slug said in an interview with Ant on Minneapolis’ South Side this past weekend before they left town. “It’s not a geographic thing. Everything has an underside, a downside, a duality. There’s always another side to something. A lot of the material on this record is about that.”

Read our feature on Atmosphere’s latest effort in Sunday’s newspaper.

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