At least two juveniles were arrested and some outdoor seating was damaged when more than 50 young people ran through the area between Loring Park and Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis police said Monday.

The group moved and ran together, slapping one another, overturning property and generally “acting the fool,” Police Department spokesman John Elder said.

“They were just basically out of control,” he said, adding that no one was seriously hurt.

No dollar amount has been turned in for the property damage.

The ruckus, which began about 6:30 p.m. Sunday, took about an hour to clear. Park, transit and downtown police officers were involved.

Elder said he was unclear on the motives of those involved. Asked about the possibility of a “flash mob,” he noted that police did not detect the use of social media to spur the gathering.

Loring Park had been the scene of the annual Twin Cities Pride Festival on Saturday and Sunday. Some of the attendees were harassed by the group, but it doesn’t appear that they were targeted due to their sexual orientation, he said.


Anthony Lonetree contributed to this report.