Q: I've been unable to print the Sudoku puzzle page from the Minneapolis Star Tribune's website when using the Mozilla Firefox browser. This problem has persisted through several Firefox updates, option changes and a complete uninstall-reinstall of the program. However, I am able to print the Sudoku page using Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser. What's wrong?

Lance Fisher, Excelsior

A: Startribune.com's Sudoku game (see tinyurl.com/lhfnz2k) uses Adobe's Flash animation technology. Firefox and Internet Explorer can display this content because they have Adobe's Flash Player software.

But printing is a different story. Internet Explorer can print an entire Web page, including its Flash software content, but Firefox can't print the Flash portion. You can check this out by using "print preview" in both browsers. Internet Explorer will show the Sudoku game on the page that will be printed. Firefox will show a blank spot on the page where the Sudoku game should be.

The easiest solution is to use Internet Explorer to print the puzzle. But there's a workaround for Firefox: Use the "Print Scrn" (print screen) button near the top right of your keyboard to copy an image of your entire screen. Paste that image into a Microsoft Word document, expand the image by dragging your mouse at the corners, then print.

Here's more on the difficult-to-delete Nation Zoom virus that I previously wrote about (see tinyurl.com/ksd69mz). If the removal instructions at tinyurl.com/l8m3cg2 don't work, check the PC shortcut to your Web browser to see if it's been sabotaged.

For example, "by appending 'C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe' with some text, the malicious software takes you to the website of their choice," says Keith Aleshire of repair shop Strike Twice Computers in St. Louis Park. "Remove the gobbledygook text after the '.exe' of the browser shortcut and you remove the redirecting."

You can edit your browser's shortcut address by right-clicking the icon and choosing "properties." Fix the address and click OK.

Next, delete and replace any browser shortcut you've "pinned" to the Windows taskbar, Aleshire says. To delete, right-click the icon and click "unpin this program from taskbar."

Q: When someone downloads a YouTube video and e-mails it to me, it has no sound. What's the problem?

John Guedry, Gonzales, La.

A: The sound on your computer or the sound on the video itself may be turned down (on the video, make sure there is no X in front of the volume control). It's also possible that your browser lacks the latest version of Adobe Flash (download it at tinyurl.com/3wytk4). If these things don't work, try a different Web browser.

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