The Metrodome is coming down and the new Minnesota Multi-Purpose Stadium is going up on schedule.

That's the message Wednesday morning from the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority (MSFA).

Some 80 percent of the Metrodome won't be going away; it's getting recycled. The material will be reused "elsewhere," according to MSFA chair Michele Kelm-Helgen.

She says the demolition will be "substantially complete" by the end of April.

Contemporaneously, the new Minnesota Multi-Purpose Stadium is going up on schedule, according to the news release that calls the coming $1 billion facility by the handle "the new Minnesota Multi-Purpose Stadium."

For number lovers, some details:

Excavation is almost 50 perent complete. More than 400,000 cubic yards have been removed from the site.

Almost 15 percent of the pillars have been installed for the new Minnesota Multi-Purpose Stadium. (Yes, the new stadium is going up as the old is coming down and if you haven't driven past lately, now is a good time. Try not to gawk during rush hour. The roads around the Dome are already tricky enough without unwarranted stopping. Be careful, please.)

3 percent of the concrete going into the new Minnesota Multi-Purpose Stadium has been poured already.

The new Minnesota Multi-Purpose Stadium is expected to open in 2016. It will have 65,000 seats. No word yet on who will be the starting quarterback.

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