The action on I-394 comes in the form of a roll over wreck in the westbound lanes at Hwy. 100. Look for it in the center median right at the 394/100 split.  That has traffic locked up back to the 94 interchange, and on westbound 94 coming out of the Lowry Hill Tunnel.

Eastbound had a crash at Hwy. 100, but that has been moved out of the way. Look for a slow drive from Hwy. 169 all the way to downtown.

Northbound 35W is hampered by a stalled vehicle at 26th Street. It's 20 minutes from 66th Street up to downtown Minneapolis.

Look for a stall on the left shoulder of eastbound 94 at LaSalle Avenue. That is making for a 21-minute drive on eastbound 94 from Lowry Avenue over to Hwy. 280.

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