Traffic on westbound 494 in Bloomington is creeping along from Cedar Avenue to Hwy. 169. That is 22 minutes. Eastbound is 20 minutes from Hwy. 169 to Hwy. 5.

A fresh crash on southbound 494 at Bass Lake Road has things slow coming down from the Fish Lake interchange.

On eastbound 94, look for pockets of heavy traffic from Maple Grove Pkwy. to 94.

The Crosstown is plugged up both directions between Hwy. 169 and 34th Avenue. Plan on 25 minutes there. Watch for a crash at 35W on the westbound side.

Northbound 35W is busy from 50th Street to 94. That is 15 minutes.

Southbound 35W is slow from Hwy. 10 to Hwy. 280. That is 20 minutes.

Eastbound 394 and southbound 94 jam up at the Lowry Hill Tunnel. Plan on 12 minutes to get over to Hwy. 280.



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