The number of accidents has slowed, but that has not helped traffic speed up.

You'll find major delays on nearly every highway and freeway in the metro area, with many drives taking up to an hour. That is the case on northbound 35 from County Road 2 in Elko to the Crosstown.

Things are creeping along on westbound 94 from Manning Avenue all the way to downtown Minneapolis. A vehicle is in the ditch at Century Avenue.   Plan on 24 minutes from 35E to downtown Minneapolis.

Traffic is plugged up on northbound 35E at Diffley Road. There's a crash on the southbound side creating a gwaker slow down.

In the west metro, Hwy. 169 is 41 minutes from 94 down to Hwy. 7.  On southbound 494 is 43 minutes from 94 to Hwy. 7. Southbound 100 is not moving any faster.


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