We have no crashed on westbound 94 coming into downtown St. Paul, just lots of drivers. Perhaps some of those are commuters who used to travel on Hwy. 36.  (Hwy. 36 is closed from Hwy. 61 to White Bear Avenue.)  The extra traffic is making for a 25-minute drive from Manning Avenue to 35E.

It's about the time amount of time drivers on southbound Hwy. 169 through New Hope are spending in their cars to go from 77th Avenue to 394. A road construction project at 49th Avenue has the highway reduced to one lane.

On westbound 694, delays begin at Silver Lake Road over to Hwy. 100 where the construction project drivers have been warned about finally kicked in to gear.  No lane restrictions on the eastbound lanes as of this morning.

Other spots where there is heavy traffic include westbound Hwy. 610 from Hwy. 10 to Hwy. 252, eastbound 94 from Brockton Lane to 494, and northbound 35 from County 46 up to Crystal Lake Road.


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