The three drivers who bumped into each other on westbound 94 have exchanged information and are on their way. Look for slowdowns in the area, with brake lights coming on at Hamline Avenue.

Things are still inching along on westbound Hwy. 36. A crash at 35W and a stalled vehicle at Cleveland Avenue are gumming up traffic. It's 20 minutes from Hazelwood Avenue over to Hwy. 280.

Look for a crash on the right shoulder on northbound Hwy. 100 at Minnetonka Blvd. It's tight from Hwy. 7 past the scene.

Elsewhere, things are looking good for the most part. There are a few slow spots on the system:
Westbound 94 from Ruth Street to  E. 7th Street in St. Paul.

Westbound 494 from Cedar Avenue to Hwy. 100.

Southbound 35W from Hwy. 10 to 694.

Southbound Hwy. 169 from 94 to Hwy. 55. There is word of a crash at 36th Av.


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