This week's snow has finally put me in the holiday spirit and looking at the calendar it's less than two short weeks until Christmas. If you put off your shopping or are looking for creative ideas for the outdoor woman or child in your life - I'll be posting two ideas a day up until Dec. 24th!

With apologies to Frederic Austin, composer of The Twelve Days of Christmas, here's my Christmas list.....

For the outdoor kid - Smartwool socks 
If you family is anything like mine - socks are always under the tree. As adults we always put on performance socks for outdoor activities, but think nothing of sending our kids out with cotton socks in their snow boots. And unlike most of us - kids spend far more time outside in the winter than we do. Fill their stockings with a a pair or two of Smartwool socks. They'll keep their feet warm and dry and they come in lots of fun designs and colors for even the most descrimating kid. 

For the outdoor woman - Smartwool sweater
Smartwool has applied their "woolology" technology to performance clothing and sweaters. I find myself fondling these lightweight, washable, "no itch" sweaters everytime I'm in a sporting goods store. Their clean, classic designs mean these functional sweaters will also be fashionable for years to come. Santa - Snowflake Full Zip size large, please. 

You can still place orders on line at and receive before Christmas or stop by a local dealer including Gander Mountain, Joe's Sporting Goods, Dick's, Sports Authority, Hoigaards, Nokomis Shoes or Midwest Mountaineering to make your holiday purchase. 

Tomorrow - snowshoes for the entire family.

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