A St. Paul resident cancelled her 11-year-old account with a satellite-TV provider in July and found it would cost her dearly:
“Three days [after cancelling] I received a call from them stating I have a 2-year agreement for their service and owe $380.00 for an early termination fee. I told the woman I had been a customer continuously since 1998.”
It was then that she learned that every time her system required an upgrade or replacement piece, her 2-year agreement began anew. According to the company, her contract began fresh in March 2009 when they replaced a non-compatible receiver provided earlier.
But the customer was sure she had never signed a contract with the company.
“I asked to see a copy of any contract or agreement that I signed and [the caller] stated that their agreement was on their website. I've never looked at or was told to look at their website.”
The customer feels that any agreement or contract should be in writing and signed by both parties. What do you think? Is fine print somewhere on a website, specifically a website she says she’s never visited, enough of a contract?

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