Way back in the fourth inning, when an eventual Nationals rout was still a 2-2 game, Astros starter Justin Verlander fielded a short infield grounder, threw from the ground … and hit himself in the leg.

He smiled about it, and owned it in the same manner someone might, oh I don’t know, own a tweet that randomly resurfaced from five years ago.

It wasn’t the worst moment of Verlander’s outing Wednesday — a performance that dropped the otherwise ace to 0-5 with a 5.73 ERA in six career World Series starts and put the Astros in an 0-2 World Series hole — but it was definitely the most amusing and embarrassing.

The most spectacular thing about it, though? It brought out a mocking tweet from fellow pitcher Yu Darvish.

That doesn’t seem very nice or funny? What if I told you Verlander delivered the exact same tweet in Darvish’s direction about a year and a half ago.

Score settled. That’s how Yu win Twitter.

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