Randy Moss could be elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame a day before Super Bowl LII kicks off at U.S. Bank Stadium in a month.

Another former Viking, Steve Hutchinson, joined Moss as one of the 15 greats on the Hall of Fame's 2018 finalists list earlier this week. They'll learn whether their heads will be bronzed on Saturday, Feb. 3, after the Pro Football Hall of Fame Selection Committee does it thing in Minneapolis.

With former Vikings in the news, and with that monster of a football game coming our way, it's time, we decided, to bring an old barstool debate to life, right here on the internet: Who are the 10 best Vikings players of all time? Is Moss on that list? Hutchinson? What about Fran and Alan and Mick and Adrian and Cris and Chris and ...?

Maybe you can rattle off your top 10 like it was a favorite song. Maybe you'll need four hours, three notepads and two Googles to finalize it. However you get your top 10 done, we'd like to see it.

I've asked 11 other Star Tribune journalists — including NFL writer Mark Craig, the Minnesota representative on the selection committee — to make their top 10 list, and we'll share that with you later this month.

But now it's your turn. Vote below. Commenting is open for business, too, if you want to make your picks and opinions known.

Have at it. Let's see if there's a consensus out there on which players make up the 10 best in Vikings history. And if we can't agree, at least we'll stay warm getting all worked up about each other's picks.