The past few days have had Minnesotans shivering in their shorts, bringing to mind cooler fall days although we're nearing only the unofficial start of summer.

So to answer the question many may be thinking now: Yes, it's been chillier than normal recently, but we're still warmer than average for the month of May overall.

"We are seeing these cooler-than-normal temperatures. It's because we're still experiencing a La Niña phase," said Ryan Dunlevy, meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Chanhassen. "Atmospheric wave patterns and sea surface temperature differences — all these things that happen all around the globe, these can influence our weather here."

A strong high pressure in the Pacific Northwest leads to stronger low pressure over the Midwest. That allows cooler air from Canada to flow into our region, Dunleavy said.

The average temperature for May is 57.8 degrees. We're at 60.5 degrees, Dunleavy said.

The La Niña pattern may stick around until fall, he said, so periodic cooler temperatures and precipitation may continue throughout the summer.

"Technically we are warmer than the average," Dunleavy said. "But still seasonably cool for this time of year."

The forecast calls for cooler weather through midweek and an increased chance of rain Tuesday night through Wednesday night. The weather will begin to become warmer and more humid as Memorial Day weekend nears.