Back in the '50s, everything was pink. Poodle skirts, Cadillacs, bathrooms -- you name it. Nothing was too serious or utilitarian to escape pink-ification.

The '50s house I grew up in even had an all-pink kitchen: pink counters, a pink sink and pink appliances. That kitchen is long gone. My parents ditched it as soon as they could afford a makeover. But nearly every house of a certain age carries at least some design relics from yesteryear.

Some of those bygone fads we live with. Others scream "I'm outdated!" so loudly that we just can't. And, of course, one woman's "Ugh!" is another woman's retro cool.

So what are the worst homestyle trends of all time? One real estate blogger,, compiled a top 10 list. I can't say I agree with everything on it. Some of these looks were truly hideous, but others weren't that bad, and a few are actually coming back into style. Here's the list:

1. Popcorn ceilings (Sometimes decorated with gold glitter -- how very disco!)

2. Shag carpets (A '70s staple that is making a comeback)

3. Foil walllpaper (Another '70s look. It was especially popular in over-the-top bathrooms. But I've seen updated interpretations that look fresh and modern.)

4. Pink bathrooms (Don't knock 'em. If you've still got one in good condition, it's a collector's item)

5. Orange formica (This Age of Aquarius throwback really does belong on the "Ugly" list.)

6. "Wood" paneling (No rec room was complete without it for a couple of decades. But it's nothing a coat of paint can't fix)

7. Bean bag chairs (Aren't they still selling these at local malls?)

8. Patterned linoleum and vinyl flooring (Some of these patterns were so busy that they looked like Granny's worst housedress on a bad acid trip.)

9. Velour animal print (It was a "Dynasty" thing)

10. Bathroom carpeting (What a wonderful way to breed mold and mildew and collect splashed toilet water!)

(If you want to see the complete list, with comments and pictures, check out

Now it's your turn. What home decor fad most deserves a permanent plot in the style graveyard?