Excess is the name of the game when it comes to the Bloody Mary cocktail. (Just look at this insanity.)

So it should come as no surprise that there is a record for world's largest build-your-own Bloody Mary bar. And now a St. Paul pub thinks it can top it.

On April 9, the Happy Gnome will pull out all the stops to become to the new title holder.

The bar is already known for its popular Sunday Bloody Mary bar where it offers nine different mixes and 25 condiments.

For the world-record attempt, it will offer its spread inside a tent in the parking lot (one day after its popular Firkin Fest). There will be 60 condiments available for garnishing, from various meats and cheeses to a ton of pickled things.

One catch: the Happy Gnome is treating this as a “dress rehearsal,” meaning they’re not flying out an official from the World Record Academy this time (they said they plan to do that next year). But they still plan to top the record. The current title holder is the Silver Grill in Fort Collins, Co. That bar had 45 condiments when it took the record.

The Gnome is partnering with Surly Brewing on the event, so the official beer chaser for the Bloody Marys will be Surly Hell (the brewery’s German-style helles lager).

With the event a couple months away, the pub is only in the beginning stages of plotting out its crazy condiment selection, said assistant general manager Cia Nypower.

“[The event] turned into a big beast quicker than we thought it would,” she said.


Some more information on the event:
Where: Happy Gnome, 498 Selby Ave. St. Paul
Cost: $25, gets you access to Bloody Mary bar, brunch buffet, keepsake Surly glassware.
Info: thehappygnome.com or just go here for tickets.