This holiday season, "Star Wars" merchandise is as abundant as Stormtroopers who can't shoot straight. To help you aim for the good stuff, we've put together a gift guide that focuses on the essentials. You know, Death Star waffle makers and Chewbacca beer koozies. Very. Important. Stuff.

Beyond the sheer volume of "Star Wars" merch out there, you have to be cognizant of the kind of fan you're buying for. Foodie? Drinker? Likes Yoda? Hates Yoda? We've got you covered.

For techies

Sphero BB-8 Droid: This is the droid you're looking for. A high-tech replica of the new ball droid, it operates pretty much like the film version does — speeding across the floor on a spinning sphere. And it's a smart toy, controlled by an app on your mobile device. ($129,

For man's best friend

Captain Phasma rope chew toy: Dogs want to celebrate the return of the Jedi, too. Let 'em get in on the action by chewing through one of the new baddies, the armored Captain Phasma. ($12.99,

For Jedis in training

Plush Yoda backpack: Do you remember when Luke had to trudge around Dagobah with Yoda on his back? Now you can relive that cinematic glory every day with this life-size stuffed Yoda — who doubles as a backpack. ($48, various websites)

For beer drinkers

Chewbacca Can Cooler: Hair of the dog? How about hair of the Wookiee? This furry koozie supposedly "keeps your drink cold like Hoth and your hand warm like Tatooine." Can't argue with that — it's not wise to upset a Wookiee. ($13,

For festive fans

Snowflake Window Cling Decals: They say no snowflake is the same. Another fact: No snowflake is as awesome as a "Star Wars" snowflake. Etsy seller Anthony Herrera has crafted 5-inch white vinyl window clings in the shape of your fave characters. ($15 for set of seven, ­

For wannabe villains

Kylo Ren electronic lightsaber: The flashy new villain's red blade is coveted and ridiculed. Haters wonder: Does the crossguard above the handle make sense? Who cares? It looks cool — and so does this full-size toy. ($30, various stores and websites)

For noodle lovers

Kotobukiya Light Up Lightsaber Chopsticks: Eating noodles will never be the same. Mini-batteries give these doohickeys a glowing hue as you attack your food like a Sith lord. ($15,

For drone pilots

Remote Control Millennium Falcon: This replica drone of Han Solo's baby comes in an "ultimate" version, or a lesser model (both made by Air Hogs). Not sure if it can make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, but it looks good. ($110 for ultimate version, various websites)

For comic book geeks

"Vader and Son" and "Vader's Little Princess": Are these mini graphic novels for adults or kids? Let's say: both. Each captures the joys — i.e., hilarious struggles — of raising children. ($15 each,

For cool customers

Han Solo Silicone Ice Tray: If you can't afford the Han in Carbonite fridge ($150!), bring the chill to your glass with these ice molds. ($10,

For brunch lovers

Death Star waffle maker: That's no moon — it's a delicious, planet-destroying breakfast item. Unfortunately, its maker (ThinkGeek) reports that the 7-inch waffle maker has been so popular that it's out of stock until February. But there's always eBay. ($40,

For foodies

R2-D2 measuring cup set: How much sugar does that recipe call for? Enough to fill a droid's head. Artoo's body splits into four pieces for the proper measuring units. ($20,

For stocking stuffers

Hot Wheels Kylo Ren Character Car: Kids are great 'cause they don't need fancy light-up chopsticks and Death Star-molded ice cubes to be impressed. Just give them some reliably cheap racing cars and call it a day. ($4, ­

For big spenders

Millennium Falcon bed: Kids are gonna love seeing Han's sweet ride in the new movie. Stoke their passion for the Millennium Falcon by having them sleep inside this replica of the cockpit. But you might need to take out a second mortgage for this die-hard gift. ($3,999,

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