The WNBA draft lottery will be held Nov. 10 in New York City.

It will determine the order of the top four picks in the WNBA. The Lynx, even though they won the WNBA., are one of the four teams in the lottery because they traded center Nicky Anosike to Washington for the Mystics' first-round pick.

Washington probably never expected to be in the lottery, but two key players, Alana Beard and Monique Curry, missed either all or almost all of the season, with injuries. Curry played four games. So the Mystics finished 6-28, which was good for the Lynx.

Tulsa (3-31) had the worst record in the WNBA and the Shock have the best chance at the No. 1 pick at 44.2 percent. Next are the Lynx (27-7) at 27.6 percent.

Also in the lottery are non-playoff teams Chicago (14-20) and Los Angeles (15-19). The Sky have a 17.8 percent at the No. 1 pick, the Sparks a 10.4 percent shot.

But if the Lynx get it ... Wow. A lot of rival general managers and coaches will be crying.

Here is how the lottery works, according to the WNBA:

Fourteen balls numbered 1-14 will be placed in a lottery machine and mixed. Four balls will then be drawn to the top to determine a four-digit combination. The team that has been assigned that four-ball combination will receive the No. 1 pick. The four balls will then be placed back into the machine and the process will be repeated to determine the second and third picks. The team that does not win one of the top three picks will be slotted fourth.