Despite being wrapped up like Randy Parker in "A Christmas Story," those waiting for fire-roasted victuals at the St. Paul Chef's Experience on Monday night often broke into spontaneous dance.

Well, that was probably to keep warm as the temperatures approached single digits during the Great Northern's second annual outdoor shindig, held at the St. Paul Farmer's Market in Lowertown.

Why stand in the frigid cold? Well, to roast marshmallows over fire pits, order blueberry scotch hot toddies from a chiseled ice bar, and nab paper boats of grub made by some of the Twin Cities' finest chefs, who were also freezing their bums while tending to cages of open flames.

Revival's Nick Rancone, portioned off slabs of pork belly for eager diners. Octo Fishbar's Tim McKee sliced bits of swordfish from a wooden rotisserie to tuck into charred tacos. Whole pineapples, destined to grace a pound cake made by Salty Tart pastry chef Michelle Gayer, dangled over flame.

Between beats of hip hop, blasted through speakers, the clop of Clydesdales toting an open cart of winter lovers around Lowertown echoed in the winter air.